Voguey is an entertainment content


I-Vogue ONTV is an entertainment programme created by foremost TV broadcaster and Entrepreneur, Wilbart Ignition with the real name Omadimhe Bartholomew along side  Peter Vincent Eromosele and Olafunbi Ogunsade.

Wilbart Ignition in 2016, created I-Vogue ONTV , Radio and magazine. The TV content was firstly endorsed by Coca-Cola and Fanta, the radio contents also got the same while the magazine never saw the light of day due to clients demand.

Wilbart Ignition and Olufunbi launched a segment called Vogey Gist which got huge acceptance from the first week it was premiered on local TV and social media. Wilbart Ignition in October 2016, decided to move on and do other media jobs which led to team break up.

“As at the time we created I-Vogue ONTV I just left my partner Foster Zeeno due to some uncleared partnership deals, dealing with the his disloyalty became a trauma, even when I signed a deal with Mr. Peter Eromosele, I still wasn’t sure about keeping it real. Funbi is like a sister to me and I will forever appreciate the time we spent working together and as for Peter, he will always remain a brother for life” Wilbart

After Wilbart Ignition exit on I-Vogue ONTV, the programme felt the impact of Wilbart’s absence and till date I-Vogue ONTV is still not making waves the way it should be.

Here’s a piece of Wilbart and Olufunbi’s last effort on I-Vogue ONTV project. Vogey Gist. Enjoy!