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How to prepare Nigerian beef Pepper Soup and Plantains

Today’s Recipe- Nigerian Beef Pepper Soup and Plantains

Binta's Kitchen

Hello viewers welcome to another episode of Binta’s Kitchen, the show where viewers get to learn something new on every episode.

Today what I will be preparing is Nigeria Beef Pepper Soup and Plantains. It is very easy to cook.The Nigerian peppersoup as far as I know is the only soup that Nigerians literally drink; unlike our other soups (e.g. egusi, okra, ogbono, etc.) which are much thicker and primarily eaten with side dishes like eba,fufu, pounded yam etc.

I love peppersoup! Most of you would agree that peppersoup is a lifesaver when you are sick and have no appetite. Let’s not forget, that for those of us who have to face the Canadian winter; there’s nothing as relaxing as a hot peppery bowl of peppersoup on a chilly winter day. Mehn, it does wonders for a stuffy nose!

So sit down, relax , watch and enjoy the rest of the show…Let’s Go Cooking!